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Assassination Attempts, Theft Attempts, and Capture Attempts
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Table of contents:
1. Rouges
    A. Back Stab
2. Assassins and AA's

    A. Assassination Attempts
    B. Mass AA's
    C. Mock AA's
3. Thieves and TA's
    A. Theft Attempts
4. Capture Attempts
     A. Capture Attempt
5. TA, AA, and CA Experience/Skill Level Chart
1. Rouges:
Rouges are considered the cloak and the dagger for AotMC.  Though they can do many jobs, they specialize in thievery and assassinating people without being detected.  This is one of the longest and most complex areas of the forum because of all the stipulations and regulations that go with the ability to kill a character.  Assassins and thieves are not something to be used lightly in a guild and the forum holds the right to deny or to invalidate an AA at any time.

    A. Back Stab:
Rouges have special rules in regarding to matches.  In combat (a DM, a spar, an HM, or whatever), rouges may opt to use a back stab attack.  This ability allows the rouge to get up to two extra die in a single attack.  Thieves will start off with extra 1d per battle while assassins will receive an extra 2d per battle.  The back stab attack must be rolled separately from the normal attack and the rouge must state they are performing a back stab.  Example, a 3d60 assassin is using a back stab.

Assassin1: ::Attacks characterA with a long knife, getting him in the side::
OnlineHost: Assassin1 rolled 3 60-sided dice: 30 57 12
Assassin1: ::slips around characterA and gets him from behind after the last attack::
Assassin1: ((Back stab, 2d on characterA))
Assassin1 rolled 2 60-sided dice: 60 2

Assassins may use their 2d separate from each other, taking a 1d one round and another 1d another round, but they may not exceed a total of 2d in anyway.

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2. Assassins:
       These are the only people that may legally perform an assassination, but only if an order is given by a higher officer (i.e.. GC, SiC, or TiC). Assassins may only assassinate when they are given the order to do so! GC's must make a contract for the AA send it to TheRaptor4 at the same time it is being sent to the assassin.  If there is more than one assassin on a target, then a different contract must be sent to each assassin.  There may be no more than three contracts out on any given target at any given time.  There is no limit of how many contracts may be out over all, but if too many AA contracts are given by a guild, the GC may be questioned as to the reason. A log of the AA must also be made for it to count.  This is then to be sent to TheRaptor4.  A castle is limited to one assassin per every ten members.  Assassins must start as thieves and they must be at least level 30th before they maybe promoted.  Assassination attempts (or AA's are explained below).

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  A. Assassination Attempts:
        These are ways to eliminate powerful characters without having to risk DMing them. For an assassin to assassinate anyone, the target must first be actively role playing in a RPG chat room that is not protected under AotMC rules. These protected rooms include, but are not limited to, castle recruiting rooms (must have the word 'recruiting' in them), the castles themselves, and all temples and churches under AotMC law. Note: Castle taverns and inns are not protected under AotMC, even if they are recruiting areas.
   Protected areas will only allow AA's in case of a war or mock war. The assassin must be from the castle that is in war with the owner of the protected room, or hired by the enemy castle (i.e.. a mercenary). This AA will go like a normal AA.
   Also, royal bodyguards may serve as a bodyguard of a target (regardless of target's rank) at any time, but the maximum number of BG's will remain at three, period.  BG's may only protect those that they are assigned to.  Royal guards may protect anyone, but the royal guard must be in the room prior to the start of the AA, they may not be called in.

    Once in the room, the assassin states that he/she is going to AA the target by making an OOC announcement in the room. Once this happens, The target will state their level in OOC, and then role a 1d20 2d20, 3d20, or 4d20 depending  on what the target's rank is. (2d for combat or non combat, 3d for DC's or equal ranks, or forum registered assassins, and 4d for GC's, SiC's, or TiC's).
        Then, all bodyguards present in the room must announce themselves as the target's bodyguard and then roll a 2d20. Bodyguards, regardless of rank, must role a 2d20. If no bodyguards are present, then the target has one IRL minute to call them in, other wise the AA will begin. This time limit also applies to war AA's in protected rooms.
        If the target fleas and does not come back to the room after the AA is announced or as the AA is going on, then the target is automatically dead and cannot be resurrected. If the reason for the flea was for mun problems and there is a valid reason, then the target is not dead.
        The target or their bodyguard(s) must hit or exceed 2 hit points on THEIR percentage check in order for the AA to be successfully avoided. If the AA is avoided, then the target and/or the bodyguard(s) may flee, AA them, or challenge them to a DM. AA's may only be performed by the target (if they are a legal assassins, a GC, a SiC, or a TiC), and bodyguards (but not royal guards), no one can just run around kill everybody just because they feel like it.
        The only other time that someone may AA without being a legal assassin, is when they are in a private room and someone invades that room without permission. This is called a territory AA as it is a way to defend ones territory. Before the AA can take place, though, the owner of the room must first ask them to leave. If the intruder does not do so after being asked three times, then the owner of the PR may AA them and turn the log in for XP's. Bodyguards cannot help in anyway with this kind of AA.
        Another type of territory AA is used in wars or mock wars. This occurs when an enemy of the castle enters that castle's main room. (example, DmC's Dark Mystic Castle chat room) This type of AA may not occur in any other room, save the main room of that castle. Once an enemy enters the main room, then any of that castle's assassins may AA the person at the time. This AA will count like a normal assassination, save that it will not need a contract to be performed.
        DM's will run the same way as a real DM would run and after the DM, another DM or AA on the winner may not take place.  This is when the bodyguard's dice may come in handy. Since only the target or one bodyguard may DM the assassin and only AotMC dice may be used, then it is advised that the character with the highest dice DM the assassin. Warring to assassins who go after higher ranking characters, you may not live to tell the tale, so only go after targets that you are sure you can win against.
        Bodyguards can only AA after an AA is noticed and successfully avoided and at no other time. If the target was a GC, a SiC, or a TiC, then the assassin will get double the XP's for a successful kill.  If the target was as assassin or DC, then the assassin will get 1.5 times the XP's for a successful kill.
       For an assassin to successfully kill a target, they must hit or exceed the points listed on the chart below, under "Skill Level ". If the target does not successfully avoid the AA but the assassin also does not successfully kill them, then the target knows that he is being AAed but not by who. The target now has one of two choices, flee, or stay.  An assassin may not perform a reverse AA at any time, because only one attempt from each side may be done.

Note: When an AA fails, and the targets decide to AA the one that had originally tried to AA them, then the new target, (originally the assassin) gets an extra 1d. This is because they're a bit aware that they're probably going to be attacked.  The expection to this is when AA is failed by a GC, SiC, or TiC which is an assassin.  They may only have their assassin rank (thus counting as a 3d20) for the sake of the returned AA.  They still recive their 1d to their perception check, of course.

Example: RadioTaz has decided to AA RoyalBird.

RadioTaz: ::slips silently into the inn::
RadioTaz: ((AA on RoyalBird - assassin RadioTaz - forum AotMC - state level - roll percent check))
RoyalBird: ((level 25))
OnlineHost: RoyalBird rolled 4 20-sided dice: 15 4 8 10
RadioTaz: ((1/2 fail))
KainFish: ((bodyguard to RoyalBird - forum AotMC))
OnlineHost: KainFish rolled 2 20-sided dice: 20 18
RadioTaz: ((2/2 success, AA avoided))
RadioTaz: ::begins to slip out the back::
RoyalBird ::stands and walks to RadioTaz with KainFish close behind, dagger drawn::
RoyalBird ((MAA on RadioTaz - assassins RoyalBird and KainFish - forum AotMC - state level - roll percent check))

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    B. Mass Assassination Attempts:
        These will run the same way that a normal AA would work, except more people are involved. There may only be a maximum of three assassins attempting to AA a maximum of three targets.
        Each target must roll a percentage check for EACH assassin attacking. Only the assassins that the targets notices are successfully avoided.  Assassins not noticed may continue with the AA as normal.   If the target survives, then he/she/they can choice to DM the assassins they notice (number of assassins vs targets must be the same, unless the target(s) agree other wise), MAA the assassins they noticed, or flee. Each person involved in a MAA will receive the same number of XP's as they would have as though they had each performed the assassination by themselves. Additional XP's can be gained though another MAA/AA or a MDM/DM.

Example: RoyalBird and KainFish have decided to MAA RadioTaz. (continued from above)

RadioTaz: ::stops suddenly and looks at them:: ((no bodyguards present)) ((level 17))
OnlineHost: RadioTaz rolled 4 20-sided dice: 12 14 10 3
RoyalBird: ((0/2 fail)) ((roll again for KainFish))

Side Note:  RadioTaz now receives 4d20 as a percent check as opposed to 3d20 because he knows that he has failed to assassinate RoyalBird and that the AA can now be turned on him.
OnlineHost: RadioTaz rolled 3 20-sided dice: 15 6 13
RoyalBird: ((1/2 fail))
Side Note: RadioTaz may only roll a 3d20 for the bodyguard because he does not know IC that the bodyguard is going to AA him.
RoyalBird: ::shoves his dagger into RadioTaz's heart and gives it a good twist::
OnlineHost: RoyalBird rolled 2 45-sided dice: 12 24
RoyalBird: ((2/5 fail)) ((your turn, KainFish))
KainFish: ::pulls his sword and decapitates him::
OnlineHost: KainFish rolled 4 30-sided dice: 15 6 30 22
RoyalBird: ((7/5 success - target killed))
RadioTaz: ::falls to the ground, a lifeless corps::

        If RadioTaz had noticed the AA, then he could flee, or DM both KainFish and RoyalBird. He may not perform a reverse AA, because only one attempt from each side may be done.  Also, a character may not be the target of more than three AotMC AA's per week not counting reverse AA's or PR "territory" As. Characters that are AAed are entitled to be resurrected and the process for that is explained in the Clerics section.

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C. Mock  Assassination Attempts:
        Mock Assassination Attempts are what is used to keep Assassins on their toes, and can be used to test assassins to ensure that they are up to par with all the AotMC assassination rules. It may also be used to test Bodyguards. Mock AA's may be performed at any time, but may not be performed in protected rooms without the owners consent (see below). Mock AA's count as Mock DM's when used. That means that if the assassin uses two mock AA's then s/he may not use any mock DM's that week (or anymore mock AA's for that matter). The reverse is also true, i.e.. if an assassin uses both of their Mock DM's for the week, then they may not perform any Mock AA's or DM's for the rest of the week. It's simple, the assassin gets 2 mock AA's/DM's period. They may use either or, but no more then two will be allowed no matter what the combination.
        Those that receive the mock AA will not lose a mock DM unless the AA fails and the target returns the AA (via mock AA or mock DM). If the target wishes to use a mock DM on the Assassin, then the Assassin may chose to accept or decline the XP's. No matter what, if the target picks a mock DM, then a mock DM will be fought; however, the assassin may decline himself from any XP's he may obtain in the match, and save his mock DM's for later. If the assassin has no mock DM's left after the AA, then they are forced to decline the XP's of the mock DM.
         The only difference between a normal AA and a mock AA is that if the assassination fails, then the assassin still gets half the XP's they would have gotten for a successful kill.

3. Thieves:
        These are the only people that may legally TA anyone at any given time.  Thieves may be moved up to the position of assassin when there are enough thieves to do so, and when they have gained at least 30th level status. There is no limit to the number of thieves in a castle.  Thieves will retain their power to TA when they become and assassin.

    A. Theft Attempts (TA's):  (it is suggested to read AA's before reading TA's or CA's)
These are ways for thieves to earn both money and XP's. TA's will run much the same way as an AA, except no one is a target for death. Registered thieves are the ONLY people that may TA at anytime, anywhere.  Thieves can steal anything that they know, as a character, from another character that has stated it to be in their position at that time. Warring to thieves that try to steal items from any being that has a magical, mental, or spiritual connection with an item, the owner is allowed to come after the thief in 24 hours or more after it is stolen. These characters can then attempt to steal the item back though another TA. Magically, mentally, or spiritually connected items must be listed as such in the profile prier to the original TA. Rosters, gold, food, and drinks are the only exception, once they are stolen, they are gone. Bodyguards may prevent a TA  from happening only to the one that they are guarding, but they must be present at the time of the TA, and they are only allowed to roll 2d20. Royal guards may also serve as a bodyguard of the target (regardless of target's rank) as long as they are present when the TA starts.  As with AA, the maximum number of BG's will remain at three, period.  BG's may only protect those that they are assigned to. BG's or royal guards may not be called. Thieves cannot steal more than one item at a time and no more that 200 GP's at a time. Thieves cannot perform a TA more than once a day on the same character and a TA cannot be performed on that character consecutively for more than two days in a row. Also, if a thief TA's the same character two days in a row, then they must wait two more days before they may TA that character again. Once a character has noticed a thief, then the thief must 'lay low' for five days before they can TA that same character again.

RoyalBird has decided to steal a sword that is magically connected to KainFish

RoyalBird: ::enters and moves off to a secluded table::
KainFish: ::takes out his sword and begins to polish it::
RoyalBird: ::looks over at KainFish's sword, admiring it::
KainFish: ::lays it on the table, and turns to the woman next to him::
RoyalBird: ((TA - KainFish - target sword - forum AotMC - state level - roll percent check))
KainFish: ((level 10))
OnlineHost: KainFish rolled 4 20-sided dice: 4 12 18 5
RoyalBird: ((1/2 fail))
OnlineHost: RoyalBird rolled 2 45-sided dice: 32 24
RoyalBird: ((6/4 success - sword stolen))
RoyalBird: ::walks out of the tavern, unnoticed::

KainFish's sword was magically connoted to him, so in 24 hours, he may try to TA it back from RoyalBird. RoyalBird, regardless of rank, may only roll a 2d20, because KainFish knows, as a character, that RoyalBird has his sword.

KainFish: ::walks in and looks around the inn slowly::
KainFish: ((TA - RoyalBird - target stolen sword - forum AotMC - state level - roll percent check))
RoyalBird: ((level 25))
OnlineHost: RoyalBird rolled 2 20-sided dice: 2 13
KainFish: ((0/2 fail))
OnlineHost: KainFish rolled 4 30-sides dice: 30 4 18 27
KainFish: ((8/7 success - sword reclaimed))
KainFish: ::leaves::

Since KainFish has reclaimed his sword, then RoyalBird can never steal it again. If RoyalBird had succeeded in the percentage check, then he could have chosen to flee, AA (if an assassin) or DM KainFish for the right of the sword. If KainFish had failed in his TA, then he may try to steal the sword again in another 24 hours. If he fails for a second time, then he may try for a third and last time in 24 hours to steal it back. If KainFish fails this time, he cannot try to steal the sword back and it now belongs to RoyalBird.  If a character does not get the chance to try to TA their stole item back within a week (either because the thief was never on or they never entered a role-playing room), then they need to speak with TheRaptor4 directly.

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4. Capture Attempts:
Capture Attempts are an alternative way of taking a prisoner other then a POW. Unlike POW's they can be done at any time, not just in war. They are, however, limited to only 3 per CA'er per month.

    A. Capture Attempts:  (it is suggested to read AA's and TA's before reading CA's)
CA's are ran much like AA's and TA's. Any person may do CA's. The CA must be logged and sent to the GC's of both the person doing the CA and the person having the CA done on them. If a log is not sent to the GC's, then the CA is void.

The CA starts with the person declaring OOC who they are attempting to capture and what forum it is under. As with TA's bodyguards or royal guards must be present before the CA begins and may not be called.  Again, there is a limit of three BG's or royal guards to a target.   The target of the CA then declares level and forum, and the bodyguards declare who they are the bodyguard to, and their forum.

An example would be:
ImaBadGuy: ((CA - target KingLear - Forum AotMC. 2 minute to call BG's))
KingLear: (( level 35 - Forum AotMC ))
MrNeyesGuy: ((BG to KingLear - Forum AotMC))

Once all the information is given, then the perception checks are rolled. This is Xd20 with the number of dice based on the rank of the target. If the target is a GC, SiC, or a TiC then they roll 4d20. Division Commanders, or equal ranks roll 3d20. All other combatants (INCLUDING assassins and thieves) and non combat characters roll 2d20. Bodyguards, regardless of rank roll 2d20. First the target rolls, and then the BG's. The score of the roll must be 2 in order for the CA to be avoided. It may be hit by the BG or the target.

An example would be:
ImaBadGuy: ((BG's called, levels stated, roll percent check))
OnlineHost: KingLear rolled 4 20 - sided dice: 13 4 1 10
KingLear: ((0/2 failed))
OnlineHost: MrNeyesGuy rolled 2 20 - sided dice: 10 15
MrNeyesGuy: ((1/2 fail))

Here the person making the CA will roll his/her AotMC approved dice. They must meet the skill level of the victim with their roll or the CA is failed. The skill level chart is shown below.

ImaBadGuy: ((making CA))
ImaBadGuy: ::leaps out of darkness knocking King Lear out with a sap::
OnlineHost: ImaBadGuy rolled 4 57 sided dice: 47 12 39 18
ImaBadGuy: ((13/9 attempt success))
ImaBadGuy: ::sneaks off with the sleeping KingLear::

If the CA is fails then the target has noticed the attempt. Here they can turn the tables and CA the CAer. That will work the exact same as above.  If the target is an assassin, then an AA may be performed.  Only one attempt by both parties to CA may be attempted at any time.  Those that have been captured my fight for their freedom 48 hours later by fighting a RM.  This RM may not be denied. The captured character may request a RM every 48 hours until they are free or a deal to set them free has been made.  If the CA'er does not accept these RM's, or they fail to appear, or role play after the CA, then the target needs to contact TheRaptor4.  She will deal with it.
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5. AA, TA, and CA Experience/Skill Level Chart:
Both of these will be scored as in accordance with the rank of the character, the higher the level, the higher the risk, the higher the XP's for successful attempts. A complete log must be made of the action and sent (copy and paste) to the designated person or people in order to receive XP's. Note: If character's dice or level is unknown or it is not stated in the profile, then the assassin/thief/capturture receives the lowest amount for XP's.  Also, if the dice or level of the target is not stated in his/her profile prier to the AA, TA, or CA, then the target will revive the standard dice of 2d20.  No exceptions.

Level ~~~~~~ XP's for AA ~~~~~~~ XP's for TA/CA ~~~~~~~~ Skill Level
0 - 4 ----------------- 60 --------------------------- 10 --------------------------- 2
5 - 9 ----------------- 120 -------------------------- 30 --------------------------- 3
10 - 14 -------------- 180 -------------------------- 50 --------------------------- 4
15 - 19 -------------- 240 -------------------------- 70 --------------------------- 5
20 - 24 -------------- 300 -------------------------- 90 --------------------------- 6
25 - 29 -------------- 360 -------------------------- 110 -------------------------- 7
30 - 34 -------------- 420 -------------------------- 130 -------------------------- 8
35 - 39 -------------- 480 -------------------------- 150 -------------------------- 9
40 - 44 -------------- 540 -------------------------- 170 -------------------------- 10
45 - 49 -------------- 600 -------------------------- 190 -------------------------- 11
50 - 54 -------------- 660 -------------------------- 210 -------------------------- 12
55 - 59 -------------- 720 -------------------------- 230 -------------------------- 13
60 - 64 -------------- 780 -------------------------- 250 -------------------------- 14
65 - 69 -------------- 840 -------------------------- 260 -------------------------- 15
70 - 74 -------------- 900 -------------------------- 290 -------------------------- 17
75 - 79 -------------- 960 -------------------------- 310 -------------------------- 19
80 ------------------- 1020 ------------------------- 330 -------------------------- 21

Thanks to TheRaptor4, we now have a program that will automatically score AA's, TA's, CA's and Resurrections. ( The download time shouldn't be more then a few seconds. If you have problems, please contact TheRaptor4. )

DL  for AA, TA, CA, and Rezz Program
Or, here is the full version of the AotMC Prog.
DL for AotMC Program
Because this file was made in VB, some computers may require another short DL for the matches program to work.
DL for VBRUN60 File
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