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Combat Characters
These are the underlining people of the castle. They can gather use weapons or magic with enough to kill someone, or heal them completely. Theses are the members that fight wars and defend the castle from invaders.  Characters may only hold any number of combat ranks in AotMC, but it must be done through Free Lance or by joining separate castles for each class.

DON'T FORGET!!! The following divisions' names
may be changed upon the discrepancy of the GC, but the underline powers of each class will stay the same.

Questions or comments are to be mailed to TheRaptor4 and Apocalyptcknight .

Note: Guards are listed under Non combat .

1. Warriors:
        These are the divisions based solely on fighting. They have an advantage based on what type of armor and weapons they can hold.  Warriors may be promoted to Knights once they reach level 30.  Out of all other classes, Knights are the only ones allowed to go above a plus 5 on weapons and wear above a plus 3 on armor.  Warriors may not use such weapons and armor until they are promoted to Knight.  The castle must pay the level of the Warrior times ten in WGP's for the promotion.
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2. Assassins and Thieves:
        These are the rouges of the guild. Cloak and dagger is more then a way to fight, it's a way to live. Again, they may be called anything the GC wishes, but the underline rules to assassins and thieves are under the "Rouges" section.  Assassins must be promoted though the use of WGP's. Assassins cost the level of the theft times ten and may only be promoted when they reach level 30.
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   A. Assassins:
These are the only people that may legally perform an assassination, but only if an order is given by a higher officer (i.e.. GC, SiC, or TiC).  Assassins may only assassinate when they are given the order to do so! A log must also be made of it for it to count.
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    B. Thieves:
These are the only people that may legally TA anyone at any given time.  There is no limit to the number of thieves in a castle, and they may be promoted to Assassins at 30th level. Again, the castle must spend the thief's level times ten in WGP's for the promotion.
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3. Wizards and Mages:
        These are the magic wielders.  Each one carries a spell book equipped with magic they've learned through out their practice.  The way they learn, and the way they're books are created is explained under the "Magic Users" section. Mages may be promoted to Wizards once they reach level 30.  Also, a castle must spend ten times the mages level before they can be promoted to Wizard.
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4. Priest and Healers:
        These are the only people in the guild that perform ceremonies, resurrections, and healing, but they must start as a healer before they may advance to the level of priest.  Healers may only cure disease, heal, and aid in performing ceremonies. The powers and abilities of priest are explained under the "Clerics" section. Also, a castle must spend ten times the Healers level before they can be promoted to Priest and the Healer must be at least level 30.
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