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AotMC Council
There is one level in the forum council: Executives. Executives charge of a certain section within the forum, and will be expected to perform certain duties to this job.  Executives will be selected by the President based on available time, commitment, and preference.  The President may remove any executive at any time without prior notice.  Executives, of course, have limits to them because they will know much about the activities of other guilds.  Executives may not use the information that they learn to their advantage IC wise.  The punishment will be sever if they are caught doing so.  Executives may also not be AAed or CAed for any OOC reason. The punishment for this is immediate stripping of rank from the assassin or capturer as well as the GC, SiC, or TiC that ordered the AA or CA and (if GC) they will lose their guild.

AotMC Council:

President - TheRaptor4
Clergy - Open
Assassins - Open
Magic Users - Assasin390000000
Free Lance - TheRaptor4
Diplomacy and Matches - Hardy Jas E