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Matches and Experience Points
Fighting matches are one of the best ways to earn XP's and to build role playing experience.  If someone comes up with a new kind of match that is well organized and easy to understand and they wish it to be added to this page, please e-mail TheRaptor4 and HardyJasE.  They will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Table of contents:

1. Experience Points:
This gives the basic math for how XP's are given by a match.  This is listed first for ease of reference.  If you are looking for rules regarding sparring, see below

1. Spar Win/Loss = 10 + difference of dice sides x amount won / half the score of the winner rounded down.
2. Mass Spar Win/Loss = 10 + difference of dice sides x difference of highest and lowest score / half the score of the winner rounded down - 5 for every place below second.
3. Honor Match Win/Loss = 55 + difference of dice sides x amount won / half the score of the winner rounded down.
4. Slave Match Win/Loss = 75 + difference of dice sides x amount won / half the score of the winner rounded down.
5. Release Match Win/Loss = 75 + difference of dice sides x amount won / half the score of the winner rounded down.
6. Death Match Win/Loss = 100/0 + difference of dice sides x amount won by / lost by
7. Mass Death Match Win/Loss = 100/0 + difference of dice x difference of highest and lowest score / lost by
8. XP's for Sim Matches.
9. Rules and XP's for War Matches, Mass War Matches, Team Matches, and Prisoner of War Matches.

Note: Though this is not proper math, XP's are to be figured in the order that they are listed and not in order of operations. No winner can receive less than 10 XP's or no more than the number stated below and no loser can receive less than 5 XP's in any match. Except in DM's and MDM's, were the loser/s will receive 0 XP's, unless it is a mock one, See below under DM and MDM for rules concerning this.

Top XP's for winner:

Spar - 500
Mass Spar - 1,000
Honor Match - 1,500
Slave Match - 2,000
Release Match - 2,000
Death Match - 5,000
Mass Death Match - 10,000

Proctors may get a max of 100 XP's per match they score.  GC's may choose to give fewer or no XP's, if the want.

    A. Examples of Finding XP's:
These are simply two examples of how to score using the formulas above.  The other matches will follow the same basic pattern, just with slight different numbers in certain places. There's now a handy program which will do this math for us (see below).
        1A. Spar:
Lets say that two people, one with 4d30 dice (KainFish) and another with 3d37 dice (RadioTaz), decide to spar to 40. The final score is KainFish - 39 and RadioTaz - 44. KainFish would receive 10 + difference of dice sides (37 - 30 = 7) x amount won by (44 - 37 = 7) = number of XP's (10 + 7 = 17 x 7 =
119). The loser, RadioTaz will get half that of the winner (119/2 = 59.5), rounded down (59).

        2A. Mass Spar:
Three people, KainFish (4d30 dice), RadioTaz (3d37 dice), and RoyalBird (2d45 dice) decide to play an MS to 45. The final score is KainFish - 44, RadioTaz - 55, and RoyalBird - 52, with KainFish winning, followed by RoyalBird, and finally RadioTaz. KainFish would receive 10 + difference of dice sides (45 - 30 = 15) x difference of highest and lowest score (55 - 44 = 11) = number of XP's (10 + 15 = 25 x 11 = 275).  The second place winner, RoyalBird, would receive half half the score of the winner (275/2 = 137.5) rounded down (137).  The third place winner, RadioTaz, would receive 132, as every place below second is - 5 of the second place winner's score.

Thanks to TheRaptor4, we now have a program that will automatically score all kinds of matches. ( The download time shouldn't be more then a few seconds. If you have problems, please contact TheRaptor4.)
DL for Matches Program
Or, here is the full version of the program.
DL for AotMC Program
Because these files were made in VB, some computers may require another short DL for the programs to work.
DL for VBRUN60 File

2. Basic Rules for all Matches:
    Matches can be very difficult to run, or they can be very easy.  It all depends on who is running it and what they will allow in the match.  However, because AotMC looks for ways to make things fair for all players, there are precise rules in place regarding matches.  Some of the rules run contradictory to the main stream, but it's been decided that these rules were the most unbiased toward any character or groups of characters.  The rules below are in no set order and they are as general as possible.  Exceptions or alternate rules in a match may be found under the description of that match.

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3. Spar:
    Spars are one on one duels that are a good way to build experience. When two characters decide to spar, one or both must open a log to record the action. At the end of this match, all logs must be sent to the designated person or people. First, each player must state their AotMC dice and to what hit points to use, unless BOTH players agree other wise that they will be using equalized dice and hit points. This information must be stated in the log and cannot be changed while the match is going for any reason.  Then, they must set terms and roll initial to see who goes first, either a 1d6 or 1d100 or whatever the proctor wishes to set it as.  The person with the highest roll will go first.  The person going last will have HS through the whole match. 

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4. Mass Spar:
    These are just like normal spars, except that more people are participating. The basic rules are the same as a spar. At least one person must record the action (but more may do so if they wish) and then send the log, copy and pasted, to the designated person or people.   If players are from different guilds, then it is advised that the proctor send the match first to everyone in the spar and then send it to the people they need to.  Those scoring the matches, or GC's, may set forth how they want matches to be sent in.  If they want everyone who was in the match to send it in, they may.  Or, if they want one person to send in the match telling the scorer who was in the match, they may do this also.  Then all players must state their AotMC dice and hit points, unless all other players agree to other wise. Then the terms are set and initial is rolled, typically 1d100 to avoid duplicate numbers.  (See Mass War Matches under Diplomacy for team MS's.).

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5. Honor Match:
    The rules for the are the exact same as a spar, except the number of XP's revived will be higher. These matches are meant to settle disputes about one's honor, and are not to be fought to gain easy XP's. These are honorable matches, and those that do not fight them for reasons of honor will loss d5 of their dice.  Reasons for the match being fought must be stated at the start of the log along with the conditions (if any) that will apply to the characters when the match is over.  Conditions may not be anything which requires the death, enslavement, or anything which is considered too extreme by a mun.  Characters may require the loser to either apologize or do something embarrassing (within reason).  HM's do not have the rules of dice sides applied to them, but if the dice are too far apart, then the XP's for the match may be denied.  These are not to be fought for the sake of gaining XP's or for getting back at someone.  If one of the characters wishes for equalized dice and HP, then such must be given.  If neither character wishes for the other to proctor the match, then an outside proctor may be brought in.

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6. Slave Match:
    The rules are the same as a spar, except the XP's received and the loser will become the slave of the winner for the set amount of time specified at the beginning of the match. Pleasure slaves, also set at the beginning of the match, must be 16 or older IC and their muns must be 18 or older. Note, pleasure slaves have a right to say when enough is enough and if the master doesn't stop, then they can and will loss the slave. The smallest amount of time that maybe set for servitude is three mun days. The longest is the life of that character. Once agreed on by both players, this time length may not be lengthened, but it maybe shorted by the release of the slave by the master, or a release match. If master is found to be overly cruel or neglectful of their slaves, s/he may lose that slave.  It is ultimately up to the GC of the guild how slaves and masters will work.   However, if there is a general problem in this, then AotMC may step in to find out what is happening.  If you have a complaint about a master, please contact TheRaptor4 and HardyJasE and try to be as specific as possible about what is happening, why, and what you have done to solve the problem yourself.  Muns come first in this matter, and they reserve the right to pull their character from a situation if it becomes something which they do not wish it to be. Both slaves and masters MUST put that they are the slave or master of the other in their profiles. If masters fail to do so, then they will lose the slave (they will be warned, but if the slave asks for an RM and it's not present, the RM will be skipped and the slave will be freed). If slaves fail to do so, then they will be denied all RM's until it appears in their profiles.

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7. Release Match:
    Once every three months (or a shorter time period based on the GC), a slave may challenge their masters to a RM, in order to gain their freedom. If a master does not accept, then the slave is automatically free. To request a RM, the slave must write a letter saying so and then send it to both the master and the GC of the guild their master belongs to. If the slave belongs in a guild different from the master, then the slave must also send the letter to their GC.  Then the master must send a letter back to the GC (or GCs) and the slave saying that they are aware of the requested RM and then state a time and a place for the RM to take place (which the slave has formally agreed to).  The RM needs to take place ASAP from the time the letter is returned.  Rules regarding the rescheduling of the match are up to the GC. The return letter confirming the SM must be within a time frame of five IRL days, other wise the slave is set free. If the master's mun was away at the time and knew nothing of the letter, then the requested RM is illegal and the slave is not free. If the master has been seen online, but the letter was not opened, then the slave is set free. AotMC understands that there are accidents in the deletion of mail, but it will not be tolerated if the incident occurs regally. The rules of a RM will be the same as a spar, except the number or XP's are greater. Friends of the slave may fight the master for the slave's freedom, but this will become like a SM were if the friend losses, then they can become the slave to the original master and the original slave will stay a slave. The friend of the slave is to serve along side of that slave until the original slave's term is up. If the friend wins, then the former master does not become the slave to the friend, instead the slave that the friend is trying to free becomes free. Once a slave has been set free by any of these terms, then the master may request another SM and the former slaves may choose to or not to proceed with it. The rules for this new SM will be the same as any SM and only the terms set that the beginning of the match may change.

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8. Death Match:
    There are two kinds of categories of DM for AotMC. One is a mock death match where the loser does not die and so does not have to delete their SN or profile and, in this case, they will get half the number of XP's that the winner gets. These mock DM's are fought for the soul propose of gaining experience and XP's. Mock DM's are limited to two per week for each character. The second kind is a not a mock DM, it is a real one where the mun of the loser must either delete the SN or create a new profile. There also must be at least one witness present in the room. These terms are set at the beginning of the match, and is followed by a match between both characters with the same basic rules of a spar. Once a character has died, then that character losses all acquaintance with AotMC. If the mun of this character wishes to be part of AotMC again, then they must start over as though they were a new member and they may not regain their old dice or XP's. Resurrections are possible and those are explained here. In the event of a tie on either a DM or a mock DM, then they players will go into a sudden death. If the score is still tied after this final round, then no XP's are awarded to either player, and they are both considered dead and must start over as characters. If it was a mock DM, then half the number of the winners XP's will be awarded to the loser, and they do not have to delete. Do not forget, HS must be given.

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9. Mass Death Match:
    These too can be fought for the soul purpose of gaining experience and XP's. Again, characters that do a Mock of this type of fight do not have to delete it they loss, and will gain XP's based on the chart above.  The rules for a real MDM are the same as an MS, except that only one person will survive and there must be a 2 to 1 ratio of characters to witnesses present rounded down to the nearest hole number. Example: Five characters have decided to do a MDM, so 5 to 2.5 rounded down is 2. The rules are also the same as that of a DM, except that all characters that lost must delete their screen name or create a new profile and may not regain their old dice or XP's. Again, resurrections are possible, and if the last two characters tie, there is to be a sudden death round. If it is still tie, then all character in the MDM are considered dead. If this was a mock MDM, then the last two people will be given XP's as though they both came in second place.  Other characters will get XP's as normal.  Do not forget, HS must be given.

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10. Sim Matches:
    Probably one of the hardest, most time consuming, most interesting ways to fight.  Your goal is to role play to your greatest skill, not to win, so try to work with the people you are simming against, even if you don't like them.
    Sim is much like dice, only you don't roll any dice.  Instead, you must visualize a fight and the describe, in the best way you can, what your character does without stating too many things at once.  You can post enough information to give your character's movements for the next hour, but based on the type of sim match you choose to fight, this may not be want you want to do.  Even if the other person you are fighting is your enemy, they should get a chance to attack or defend.
       Below, is an attempted to list three of the most common ways sim is seen in RhyDin ranging from the most basic to the most complex.  Remember, this is how AotMC has perceived the rules as being.  There are different styles from mun to mun and forum to forum.  Do not attempt to tell people that these ways are the only way.  Use them as a guide to understanding sim, but remember that the best way to learn is to do.

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    A. Speed Based Sim:
       This is for people who are in a hurry and do not have a lot skill with typing out long actions.  Also, this seems to me the main type of sim when bar fights break out. This is also good for people who are new to sim to start on.  However, be warned that this type has the greatest number of loop holes in it because it is considered the least complex.  Moding is very common, and if you are not a fast typist, or like a lot of description in your moves, do not get into a speed sim match.
       This kind of a match is based on one thing, speed.  However, keep in mind that three word actions are not acceptable (and nor should you accept them).  Try to keep at least 20 words to a post, if not more.  For the more advanced simmers, they will probably want more words, but if you feel you cannot keep up, move on to turn based.  Your goal is to get your posts off as fast as you can before the other player has a chance to respond.  At the same time, you must be responding to what the other mun is doing, even if it breaks between your post.
       The basic idea is that for every move you must have at least one post.  There are exceptions, such as characters can take a drink of mead while they look around the room.  However, things like a character thrusting forward with his sword and then pulling it back close to him would have to be handled in two, separate posts.
       To start off, your character should charge a hit, then end his/her actions.  After this, s/he may then aim for a hit, and then end the action again.  Then, and only then, may your character state a hit on his/her opponent.  The opponent has a chance between each of these to state a block of some type or an escape.  Remember, your goal is speed here.  You have to get off your three (or more) attacks before the other character can do anything.
       This also counts with spell casting!  Spells cannot be cast in a single action. They, as with a hit, take at least three attacks. Only on the third attack may a character state what the spell does.  If, for some reason, it is needed before then, the character of the one being attacked will have no clue what the spell does.  The only exception to this is if the opponent is a spell caster and can identify the spell.  Of course, this isn't a suggested move in a speed based match.
       Remember to be descriptive in fighting, it is important so that others, and yourself, know exactly what is going on!
       To block a hit in Sim, you must state the block, in full detail, before your opponent gets the hit in. Should they get a hit in before you state the block, then the hit goes though.  Do not state a block as ::blocks the attack::, remember the 20 word rule.
       Also notice that in this kind of a fight, there are some common words such as might, tries to, and attempts.  This is because you cannot not state an attack going through until the other character fails to post a defend in time.  Do not abuse this when other players type it in.  Just because they say something might happen doesn't mean that it won't.
       Try to be descriptive and state how you are blocking, or if you can block it.  Sometimes, you will have to take a hit. Your character cannot block everything, or hit if for that matter.  

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    B. Turn Based Sim:
       This is the most commonly used style of fighting for planned fights and story lines.  However, some advanced role players and people who do not want to speed fight will use this kind of sim.  The most important thing here is to work with the other mun or muns.
       This runs exactly as a dice match would with the characters taking turns attacking/defending.  There are many loop holes in this sort of sim match, but it does not give a lot of chances for moding.  The basic idea is to use logic to fight.  You do not have to out time or type the other player, your hit or your escape just has to make more sense.
       Most people in this pull on the six second rule, which is how many actions a character can do in six seconds.  A few table top RPers might recognize this rule as being the length of a single round, which it is.
       There are only so many things a character can do in six seconds and six seconds is sometimes longer or sometimes shorter than people think.  Things which might be pulled off in a full round (six seconds) are; casting a spell, using a breath weapon, mounting a horse, drawing a weapon, changing shape, summoning a familiar, attacking with all attacks, firing a single bolt from a crossbow, and many others.
       As with anything, however, there are exceptions.  Some creatures have spells which they can cast as what is called a free action.  It takes them a fraction of a second to pull off the spell, normally a thought or a gesture, that it's not considered time consuming.  Of course, as good role players, such spells are limited in number of  times it can be used.  Other things might be a warrior who is skilled with a sword can quick draw their weapon, making it become a free action.  Or maybe the same warrior has practices mounting their mount in a hurry and can do so in under six seconds.  Generally, higher level characters should be able to attack more often in a single round than a lower level character, but there are exceptions.  Just use common sense in this and keep the idea of what can my character, with his or her skills, do in six seconds?
       Also, do not forget that this is turned based. If in a round you state your character does nothing but attack, then there is no way you can go back and say that your character really does something else between all of this.  This can get confusing for some people and frustrating because they feel their character should be able to have a chance to adjust to the other person's movements.  Well, if that is so then state it!  Work it into the role playing.
       Number of words here is not as stressed as the other two sorts, but it is still important.  Because this is a more advanced style of RP, most will set the minimal word limit anywhere between 50 and 100.  This rule can be bent a little because some things can be explained in a shorter word use.  Others need more.
       The suggestion is to not to set a  minimal of anything more than about 100, unless it is for special moves or you and the other mun have agreed to other rules.  Some people do not want to write a novel or have enough time to go get fast food while they wait for a player to finish a post.  Other people like that sort of role playing.  Find your style, but be flexible with other players, or people will not want to sim with you.
       As with time based sim, turn based also gives for a lot of common words in the role playing such as might, tries to, and attempts. Though such words may not come up as often as they do in time based.
       Remember cannot state that something  to happensanother character, even if it takes them a few minutes to come up with something (though you might make sure the mun is awake).  However, you can say what you are planning to happen without using the words might or tries, but do not make it a forced hit.  If the other character finds a way to block the hit, accept it.
       Of course, there are exceptions.  Some people will insist that they can get out of anything and there are others who will insist everything hits.  You, as a player, do not have to put up either.  However, do not become one of the two sorts, and if you are being, people will tell you.  There is no one way to deal with moders.  Sometimes they can be outsmarted, sometimes out played, sometimes you can make them mad enough OOC they leave.  Just, whatever you do, play fair.

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    C. Word Based Sim:
       This is called the hardest of the sim battle styles to use.  In fact, there are so many variations on it, that there are no real set rules to it.  Muns must be flexible with each other when fighting this sort of fight.  They must work together.  This is not the style suggest for a bar fight as the muns will be less likely to work with one another than if this was used for a story line.
       The basic idea with this kind of fight is to either meet or beat the other player with number of words in an attack.  This can be done any number of ways, but for the most part, the six second rule still applies!  In a way, this is turn based sim taking to the extreme.
       Many simmers like to include emotions, thoughts, even why a character is attacking in a certain way, or what the character hopes to achieve with the attack in their post.  This, of course, adds to the word count, which is what you want in this kind of fight.
       Some of the general rules are that if there is a defense, it must beat or exceed the post of the other mun.  Forcing hits is a little more allowed, as it might follow through with a long post of what a character attempts to do, but keep in mind that if the other mun blocks the attack using more words, then the block goes through rather than the original attack.
       Some people will come with a sort of middle ground between turn based and word based.  They want the muns to use logic above all else, to state out all intentions, and to block a move, the block must be longer than the attack. Find your own style and stay with it going into every fight.  While you might demand to use your rules, be flexible.  There are better role players and there are worse role players in this world than you.  However, you do not have to put up with people moding.  If you feel that is going on, say something.  And listen when people tell you the same.

    D. Suggestions:
Talk with the other mun as you go.
Work with the other mun, especially if they are learning sim.
Consider what you want out of this fight.
Find your own style of Simming.
Don't always play to win.  Play for the sake of playing.
Don't attempt to write a novel, but don't lack on the description either.
Play fair.  No one can dodge every hit nor contact every hit.
Don't assume your character is the best.
Don't assume your RPing is the best.
And most importantly, listen.

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    E. Fight Examples:
       This is just a basic break down of three kinds of fights.  The rules from above are used, but more notes are made about the fight.

        1E. Time Based Sim Fight:
       Notice how there is minimal description, yet anyone can get a sense for what is happening while the fight goes on.  Also notice the use of the words might, attempts to, and so forth.  As stated in the main rules, muns should not force hits.
       Some turn base is going on and some people will insist that a few second's pause be given after each post to allow the other character a chance to read and respond.  Most time based matches will be two people attempting a move at the same time.  If both characters start their moves, they must follow through with them and cannot stop to go back and change something based on the actions of the other character.       Consider it real time where mistakes cost more. 

Character 1:       ::the hit would find her, sending her a few feet away to land hard on the ground.  As she skidded across the ground, she somehow managed to keep her sword with her, ready to defend if need be::
Character 2:       ::he watched her fly away and then would smirk as she hit the ground.  His hand came down to his side as he started to walk toward her, in no big hurry::
Character 1:       ::she rose to her feet slowly, shaking a little from the pain of his last attack.  Her weapon still held before her as her eyes looked to him::
Character 1:       ::she would charge him suddenly, raising her sword over her head as she summoned the last of her strength::
Character 2:       ::he raised his sword into the air as he stopped walking toward her. The weapon poised close to his head, parallel to the ground, ready to defend himself::
Character 1:       ::she saw him get ready.  Her free hand would move to clasp around the base of the sword as she brought it down slightly to get under his weapon::
Character 1:       ::close enough to him to strike now, the weapon would attempt an attack from just under his raised arm, down across his chest, and to his other side::
Character 2:       ::the sword was brought strait down simply to block her attack::
Character 2:       ::the reason, she had forgotten about his dagger and he would thrust if forward, hoping to get her in the belly.::
Character 2:       ::he grinned as he felt the cold steal of his dagger meet with warm flesh::
Character 1:       ::with both hands on the weapon, she would have started to over power him, her weapon coming on contact with his shoulder::
Character 1:       ::a wince.  in her blind rage, the dagger had found a way in.  She would take a step away from him, her hand going to the wound.::
Character 1:       ::the sword would clatter to the ground as she fell beside it::

        2E. Turn Based Sim Fight:
       Notice how the idea of the story is the same, but the posts are much longer (though this is short compared to what advanced simmers can produce).  The characters are attempting to make sense of their actions rather than trying to beat one another for time.
       The six second rule applies to both characters each round.  This tends to work best for story line fighting as the end result can be controlled with minimal effort on the part of the muns.
       This can be used to settle bar fights, however, keep in mind people will attempt to mode by finding a logical way out of every hit or finding a logical way to make every hit connect.  There is a fine line between a skilled role player and someone who knows how to mode well.

Character 1:       ::she would take the hit hard, her body being knocked into the air, turning over once before she hit the ground.  She forced her body to not roll, instead skidding along her side.  Her left hand closed tightly around her sword, trying to keep it posed in his direction if he should attack her while she was on the ground.  Her breath came in heavy gasps as wide eyes looked to him past the weapon::
Character 2:       ::he watched her fly away and then would smirk as she hit the ground.  His hand came down to his side as he started to walk toward her, in no big hurry.  His hands gripped tightly around his weapons, sword in one hand, dagger in the other.  His starry blue cloak fluttered softly behind him::
Character 1:       ::She rose slowly to her feet as he came toward her, her leather armor creaking in protest as she rose.  Her hands were shaking from the shock of pain, but she was surprising it in her mind.  Her hand closed tightly around the hilt of her sword as she rose it in the air above her.  A yell would strip past her lips as she summoned the last of her energy to charge him::
Character 2:       ::a grin twitched at the sides of his lips, making them raise.  Since she was coming toward him, he would stop, bracing his feet to ready for the charging woman.  He raised his sword into the air close to his head, parallel to the ground, ready to defend himself::
Character 1:       ::she saw him get ready, which only enraged her more.  The yell had faded from her tired lips but this was soon taken up with a growl. Her free hand would move to clasp around the base of the sword as she brought it down slightly to get under his weapon.  Once she was close enough to him to strike, the weapon would be brought  from just under his raised arm, down across his chest, and to his other side.  She wanted to cut him open so she could watch him bleed to death slowly, painfully::
Character 2:       ::she was a good fighter, but her rage had her making mistakes.  She should have waited to bright the weapon down for the last moment. He was able to compensate for her move, bringing his weapon strait down to just catch her sword above the hilt.  He would take a hearty nick under his arm, but he would live.  Her rage had her making another mistake, his dagger was still gripped tightly in his other hand.  He would step forward, coming close to her and thrusting the dagger forward, toward her belly in an attempt to skew her open::
Character 1:       ::when his weapon came down, she would shift her body weight in an attempt to over power him, that is, until she felt the cold steal cut into her belly, spilling her warm blood on his hand.  She stumbled back from him, her sword dropping to the ground with a clatter.  He was right, her blind furry had made her make a fatal mistake.  Her body fell the ground just a foot away from her sword as a blackness swallowed her::

        3E. Word Based Sim Fight:
       Basically, a word based fight would just be longer posts than the ones above, with  whoever could pull off the longer posts getting off what they wished.  As this tends to use mostly description words while conveying the same message as above (plus you've read the same fight twice now), it will not be reposted.
       The main problem found here, in dealing with moding, is forced hits can and probably will occur. This is because characters are attempting to out post each other instead of taking turns to attack and defend based on logic.
       The idea is to state your attack in it's entirety, and unless the other character can out post you, and still remain logical, then your attack goes through.  Or, stays as it was.  Normally, of the better RPers will take an attack, might give a defend if they fell it needed, and the perform their attack all in the same post.  Be careful of people who are demanding they give too many actions of your character and do not give a chance for you to respond to what is going on.

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    F. XP's for Sim Matches:
       There is no real way to judge a sim match other than sitting down and reading it to see how the two characters compare to the ideas of sim.  However, this also depends on the mun judging the match.  One mun may award more XP's for a certain match for one reason and another mun award less for the same.  I've given at least a starting point of how to score sim matches, but it doesn't work for all matches.  Some people might deserve more XP's, others less.  Bonuses might be given for exceptional RP, but use your common sense whatever you do.

XP Chart for Sim Matches

Score             Creativity          Length         Structure      Integration
5                    250 XP's           250 XP's         250 XP's          250 XP's
4                    200 XP's           200 XP's         200 XP's          200 XP's    
3                    150 XP's           150 XP's         150 XP's          150 XP's    
2                    100 XP's           100 XP's         100 XP's          100 XP's     
1                     50 XP's              50 XP's           50 XP's           50 XP's

Creativity: How creative are the player's attacks and the defenses?
Length: How long are is the player's average post?
Structure: How well does a player use words and ideas?
Integration: How well does a player integrate the attacks and defenses of their opponent into their own?

From each of the four categories, a score of 1 to 5 is given, based on the four questions above.  One being the lowest and five being the highest.  Other factors may apply to the above categories, but, in general, those questions should cover everything.  The XP's from each list are then added together for a maximum score of 1000 XP's and a minimal score of 200 XP's.

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