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Welcome to AotMC.  AotMC is not a guild nor a kingdom; it's a forum.  A forum is a collection of rules which castles, or guilds, have agreed to follow so role playing may continue unhindered by different rules dice, wars, spells, et. The following rules are subject to change without advanced warring, but these changes will only become law after all members have received them.  See AotMC News for recent rule changes. Any that disobey these laws or those that are caught cheating will be dealt with accordingly.

Table of Contents

AotMC News  (Lists new rule changes and updates.  Includes links to these changes.)
Diplomacy  (Lists relationships between guilds.  Includes War, Peace, Alliance and Tournament rules.  Also includes rules on Ship Guilds and Weapon Building.)
AotMC Council  (Lists all forum heads and their jobs.  Gives e-mail and how to contact them.)
Non Combat  (Lists all classes which are considered to be noncombatant.  Includes Blacksmiths, Potion Makers, Guards, Spies, and Tavern Keepers. GC's may change class names as they see fit.)
Forum Roster  (Lists all castles along with registered members.  Also lists Elemental Weapons.)
Combat  (Lists all classes which are considered to be combat.  Includes Warriors, Clerics, Magic Users, and Rouges.  GC's may change class names as they see fit.)
Newbie Section  (Help page for those new to role playing.  Also useful for those who wish to expand their RP knowledge.)
Clerics  (Lists rules for Clerics, Healers, and Paladins.  Includes rules for Cursing, Healing, Rezzing, and Unvamping.)
GC Section  (Lists everything a GC might need to run a guild, even suggestions on how to start and run a guild.  Includes the AotMC Program.)
Magic Users  (Lists rules for Mages, Wizards, and other magic users. Includes rules for Spell Books and Magical Weapons Creation.)
Joining   (Gives the steps for and about joining the forum.  Also lists suggestions about what might be best for a GC.)
Rogues  (Lists rules for Thieves and Assassins.  Includes Assassination Attempts, Theft Attempts, and Capture Attempts.)
Dice System  (Tells how to use and score dice.)
Free Lance  (Lists rules for Free Lancers.  Includes Free Lance Roster and how to join.)
Match Types  (Lists all AotMC matches and the rules of each.  Also lists how to run a match and what is considered legal in a match.  Includes rules on SIM Matches.)
Unique Rules  (Lists rules which have no place in the forum.  Includes Pets, the AotMC Program, and games.  Also has links for other rules which are considered unique or hard to find in the forum.)
 Written and edited by the AotMC Council.
Any questions or comments are to be mailed to with ***Alliance of the Mystic Castles*** as the subject title.
Copyright - 1995 to present.