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Admission to AotMC
1. Joining AotMC 2. Types of Guilds 3. Application to join AotMC 4. Home Page

These are the basic rules for joining AotMC, plus a few little extra things.  All guilds/castles wishing to join AotMC must apply (see here for application).  GC's of already established guilds with 20 or more members must talk to TheRaptor4 directly after they apply or all members will lose their current dice and XP.

Need some help getting started?  See here.

1. Joining AotMC:
        Please note that instead of a GC and a SiC, a castle may have a king and a queen, who will each have a GC like status.  All groups must have at least a king and a queen, two GC's, or a GC and a SiC. Although TiC's are not required, it is advised that each group have one as a back up when the GC and SiC aren't there.
       Guilds may apply for AotMC before they reach the 20 members limit, but they will not be counted as official guilds until the limit has been meet.  There is a deadline of four weeks after being accepted into AotMC to reach the minimum of 20 members. We will warn you on the third week if you have not yet met the requirement. After the fourth week, you will be removed from the forum, but may reapply once the minimum requirement has been met.  During your time in AotMC, you may gain dice and XP's, but if you are removed because of a failure to meet the requirement, you may gain no more dice from that point until you rejoin with the 20 or more members that are needed. Also, keep in mind that you will get none of the XP's noted below until the minimum requirement is meet, nor will you get any WGP's. 
       When a group joins AotMC, they will receive 500 XP's per member, 500 GP's per member, and 100 WGP's per member (see here for more info on WGP's.). The XP's are to be divided up among each member, not evenly of course. A GC should have higher dice than a warrior. The GP's are to be divided up any way that the GC wishes and each week, all combat members should be paid for their services. Gold should be listed in profiles and accurate records of the gold should be kept. The realization is that accurate amounts of the gold is hard to keep, so it will be up to the members to do so themselves. If a character purchases something or it is stolen, then they should take it out of their own treasury. A castle will have a treasury which will consist of WGP's or war gold pieces. This specific kind of gold will be keep in the castle treasury and will be use to finance a war (explained later). This does not mean that you have to be at war to earn this kind of gold.  You can get it by renting out shops and taverns to members, or by winning a war or having an alley castle give it to you. Any that are caught cheating on there records will be fined 1,000 GP's (or WGP's if it was in the castle treasury) and 5 sides on their dice. If they are caught again, then the fine doubles. If they are caught for a third time, then they will be striped of all dice, XP's, GP's, and will be removed from AotMC.
        Also, once a guild joins AotMC officially, they will receive
50 WGP's for every member in the guild when they send in a roster (either once every week, or once every two weeks.) Those who send in a roster bi-weekly will receive double the WGP's, but TheRaptor4 must be informed a guild is doing such, other wise, it will be considered a skipped week.

2. Types of Guilds:
    In AotMC, the words guild and castle are often used interchangeably.  This is because most castles are going to appear very much like a guild, but the only difference between them is that castles may have two GC's instead of one (in other words, a King and a Queen).  Both guilds and castles may participate in everything within the forum.  Guilds may even purchase castles and design them so that they are more guild halls rather than castles.  Another kind of combat guild is now the ship guild.  These are slightly different from true combat guilds in that they do not have a castle or main hall.  Instead, they must purchase ships from the forum in order to build a guild (see here for more).  Ship guilds are subject to all combat rules save those specifically denied to them.  Also, there are such things called family guilds, which (as far as we know) are unique to this forum.  Like castles, guild families may also have two GC's, or heads of the house hold.  Listed below are the four kinds of guilds described and defined by AotMC.  You are not limited to making this kind of guild, these are just suggestions.  Anyone wishing to make a new type of guild must be approved by TheRaptor4 first.

    A. Combat Guilds/Castles:
Obvious, these kinds of guilds are going to make up the largest part of AotMC.  Combat guilds are those guilds that earn dice and XP's by sparing, wars, et.  Just about every rule in AotMC will effect combat guilds.  Combat guilds may have a mix of both combat and non combat.
   B. Ship Guilds:
A new kind of guild to AotMC.  Until better non combat rules are worked out, ship guilds will be combat only, though may have non combat members join.  For convenience of rules, information about ship guilds is listed here.
    C. Non Combat Guilds/Castles:

These are the guilds that consist of non combat classes only (see here) or just of those who do not wish to have dice based guilds.  Non combat guilds cannot fight wars, fight matches, or participate any other kind of combat privilege.  GC's of these kinds of guild can choose to give out XP's or GP's as a form of reward for good role playing.
   D. Family Guilds:
This is the only place on the entire forum that this kind of guild is listed.  The reason for this is because of how limited these guilds are in their power.  Still, these sort of guilds can function well within the AotMC forum.  Family guilds typically consist of a Father and Mother head (or just one of the two) and children, uncles, aunts, et, or even people who have just joined the family.  Family guilds will be classified as non combat guilds, so all non combat rules will apply to them (see above).  These guilds exist for the soul reason of family support and server as a place to bring family members together who may be in different AotMC guilds.

3. Application to join AotMC:
Copy and paste, and send to TheRaptor4 along with your roster.

Pick one style of group:
        ( ) combat guild/castle
        ( ) ship guild
        ( ) non combat guild/castle
        ( ) family guild
        ( ) other: (please explain)
*Is the castle or guild located near a river or ocean?:
Group Name:
Group acronym:
Group alignment:
Group's purpose:  
Number of members:
Screen name of person(s) holding GC like status:
Screen name of person holding SiC like status:
Screen name of person holding TiC like status:
Web address of group's home page (if any):

xxxx By sending this in, you are clamming that you acknowledge the AotMC forum rules, and will uphold them to the best of your ability or suffer punishment by AotMC law. xxxx

*This question applies to the ability for a castle or guild to have sailing ships. Sailing ships must have the ability to reach the ocean in order for a castle or guild to have them.  All castles and guilds may have flying ships, though.  See here for more on ships in guilds.

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