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 Guild Commanders

The following is information, rules, and applications that all GC's in AotMC will need in order to properly run their guild. This page was created to make it easier for the GC's to have the ability to reach all they need.  This page also gives suggestions and ideas for how to run a guild (as based on a collect of person experiences).  If you have any questions or comments, send e-mail to TheRaptor4 .   Also, remember that no everything here is set in stone (except for those things which directly apply to the forum).  Take it with consideration, but nothing greater than that.

Looking for how to join AotMC?  See here.

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1. Why be a GC?
2. Starting a Guild?
3. Keeping a Guild Running
4. Needed Rules for AotMC GC's
5. War Gold Pieces
6. AotmC Program
7. AotMC Elemental Weapons

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1. Why be a GC?

    Being a GC (guild commander) is hard work.  You have to deal with people, enemies, problems, crises, and everyone demands your attention at every moment of the day.  Oh, and good help is very hard to find.  Being a GC is only suggested for those people who are competent in the ways of role playing and who have at least some experience in leading people.  However, everyone starts somewhere and it is okay for your first (or even twentieth) guild to fail.  It happens.
    Being a GC has it's rewards.  Friend and interesting story lines being the two biggest, not to mention some of the perks are nice (depending on which forum or rules you take on).
    Outside of all of this, you have to find your own reason to establish and maintain a guild.  Without this, your guild won't survive. You need to give your members a reason to continue to work, wither it be for war, peace, or friendship. And you must be ready and willing to sacrifice time, patience, and sanity, just to see your guild grow.  Members will lose interest in the guild if the GC does not show interest him/herself.

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2. Starting a Guild

    To start a guild you need these basic elements:
            1.    A Name - What will you call yourself?  What will your group be known as?  There have been some very famous guilds through the history of RhyDin, will yours be one of them?   For suggestions, pick names that are easy to remember, or are catchy (without being corny).  Long, or strange names tend to get lost and people just shrug when they are asked about your guild.  Also, be sure to pick an acronym that relates directly to your guild.  Most people simply pick the first letter of each word.  For example:  Guardians of the Flame's acronym would be GoF or possible GotF, based on how the GC wishes to set it up.  A GC might also check around a little before starting a guild to make sure no other major guild has the name they want.  If a problem does arise, however, then the name will generally fall to the guild which came up the name first.  Do not create problems just because you want a guild name.  There is no reason for this.  Good GC's compromise.
            2.    A Purpose - The ever elusive purpose of why your guild exists.  You do not have to have one off the bat, but you do need to consider why you are starting this guild.  Ask yourself, is it a good reason to start one?  Is it a reason which will convince others to join my guild?  Is it a reason which will ensure the survival of your guild?  Bad reasons to start a guild (generally, there are exceptions) are: To destroy another guild.  To start a war with another guild.  To be an alley to another guild.  To make everyone follow the same rules of role playing.  To change the way role playing works forever.  To restore old RhyDin.  And pretty much anything on these lines.  These guilds tend to fail because they do not attracted experienced role players and because they are short lived.  A guild which is out to destroy another guild will also cease to have a purpose once this guild is destroyed.
            3.    A Home - You need a home, a chat room set in the Arts and Entertainment section where members and non members can socialize.  If you wish to keep nonmembers out of your chat room, establish a private chat.  Also, remember that most rooms in A&E are considered to be in RhyDin.  Why? Because it's the biggest realm and it's impossible to tell who goes where with what.  If you want to be outside of RhyDin, then you need to inform your members of this.  You might not need to bother with nonmembers as chances are you will only see them once.  Either way, if you open a public chat room, do not forget that anyone can come in.  Remain open to new people, they very well might be your next recruit.
            4.    A Roster and an Application - These two go hand in hand.  Rosters are how you keep your members  informed of their status in the guild and of the status of other members.  Applications are how new people join.  There is no one way to do an application or a roster.  You might go seeking examples from already established GC's.  Most will be happy to give you an application and some might even take the time to give you a blank roster.  Do not ask for a roster with members on it.  This is considered cheating sense you are looking for ideas and not trying to steal a roster.  Basic bet on both items is to have a list of your offered positions in the guild and then, on the roster, who belongs to each section as well as their dice and XP's, if your guild chooses to be based around dice.

3. Keeping a Guild Running
    The hardest thing to do for a guild is to reach 20 members (which is why the forum requires 20 members before joining - see here for more on joining AotMC).  The second hardest thing to do is to keep your members motivated.  This is what kills most guilds.  The GC runs out of ideas, or loses interest, and so the guild just vanishes slowly.
    To keep a guild running, it is strongly suggested you keep in contact with your members by sending them updates, rosters, information (but not junk e-mail or fwd messages), even newsletters.  Keep your members informed about what is going on in the guild, who is running story lines, new openings in positions, and anything thing else you can think of which is relevant to the guild.
    Ask other GC's what they do to keep people interested.  The best source of information is from someone who has been there, done that.
    As for here, there is no point to going into all the details of a guild, for each is unique and there is no one way to do anything.

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4. Needed Rules for GC's in AotMC
    Now to the rules.  These are set in stone, unlike the things above.
  • The following limits are placed upon ranks and classes within each guild:
  • Blacksmiths/Potion makers have a maximum limit of one per every 5 members in the castle
  • Priests, Wizards, Knights, and Assassins must be at least level 30 (d50).  All of the classes will cost WGP's to promote, see here for more information.
  • Wizards, Blacksmiths/Potion makers, Assassins, Knights, and Priests have to be approved by the forum. The applications are below.
  • When a registered member is removed from a roster, TheRaptor4 must be informed about it.  Removal applications are below.
  • Applications:
    The following application are to be used for the circumstances stated upon them. Only these applications will be accepted, and only the GC of the guild in question may send them in.  Note that all forum registered people (except Knights) will go on the forum roster .  This is so that no cheating may be done by non AotMC members (or AotMC members for that matter) and that the abilities of different characters may be found quickly and easily by anyone.  The only information that will be given out on this is the character's SN.  The only exception to this is if they at d80 (level 60).  Their name will be placed under a title that lists them as having d80's, d90's, or d100's, though their exact dice sides will not be listed. D80's, d90's, and d100's must be registered as well, and the registration must be updated as they reach each level of dice.

        Application to register a d80, d90, or d100:

    Guild name the member is in:

    SN of member:
    SN of the GC:
    XP's of the member:
    Dice of the member:
    Rank(s) of the member:

    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a guild assassin:
    Guild name the assassin is in:
    SN of assassin:
    SN of the GC:
    XP's of the assassin:
    Dice of the assassin:
    Post log of a mock AA done by the assassin here:
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a guild priest:

    Guild name the priest is in:
    SN of priest:
    SN of GC:
    XP's of priest:
    Dice of priest:
    Post a log of the priest performing a rezz or unvamp here (may be mocked):
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a guild wizard:
    Guild name the wizard is in:
    SN of wizard:
    SN of GC:
    XP's of wizard:
    Dice of wizard:
    Post a log of them attempting to cast one of each kind of spell; summon, defense, and attack:
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a guild knight:
    Guild name the knight is in:
    SN of knight:
    SN of GC:
    XP's of knight:
    Dice of knight:
    Post a log of them sparring a short spar or match here:
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a guild blacksmith:
    Guild name the blacksmith is in:
    SN of blacksmith:
    SN of GC:
    XP's of blacksmith:
    Dice of blacksmith:
    Post a log of them attempting to create the maximum number of items as their level allows for one week :
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Application to register a potion maker:
    Guild name the potion maker is in:
    SN of potion maker:
    SN of GC:
    XP's of potion maker:
    Dice of potion maker:
    Post a log of them attempting to create the maximum number of items as their level allows for one week:
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

        Removal Application:
    Guild name the registered member is in:
    SN of member:
    SN of GC:
    Rank(s) the member is to be removed from:
    XP's of member:

    Dice of member:
    (send to TheRaptor4 )

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    5. War Gold Pieces:
            Throughout the forum rules, WGP's will be mentioned. The term is referring to a monetary amount that the castle has collected over its time in the forum. WGP's may be collected by a number of ways, but every week the guild will get an amount based upon its member count. By sending in a roster each week to  TheRaptor4 the guild will receive 50 WGP's for every member in the guild.  These WGP's will be used  to purchases various items for the guild (like promotions, siege weapons, et.).
            WGP's are a crucial part of the guild, for they help to judge how well a guild is doing and how active they are.  WGP's are used like gold would normally be used on a simulation game. You use it to advance your members' characters, fortify your castle, or to build siege weapons to destroy other castles. There are a lot of things you can do with your WGP's and a lot of ways you can obtain it.  Here is a listing of all areas (as close as possible to the actual spot) where WGP's are mentioned.
            Joining - Guilds get WGP's when they first join.
            Taverns, Inns, and Shops - These earn guilds WGP's from weekly rent.
            Alliance - Guilds get WGP's when they form an alliance.
            War - Guilds get WGP's when they win a war.  They lose WGP's when they lose a war.
            Tournament - Guilds get WGP's when they complete a tournament or mock war.
            Ships - Ships cost WGP's to create.  Expect for ship guilds.  See here for more on ship guilds.
            Weapons, Gates, and Walls - These cost WGP's to make.
            Character Advancement - It costs WGP's to advance combat characters.
            Elemental Weapons (below) - These cost WGP's to make and only HC members can create them.
            Cheating can be punishable by lose of WGP's and XP's.

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    6. AotMC Program:
    All over the forum web page, small sections of a much larger program can be found.  Well, here is the AotMC program, in full, and each of its sections. ( The download time shouldn't be more then a few seconds. If you have problems, please contact TheRaptor4. )
    DL for AotMC Program (Full - Version 4.3)

            DL for Matches Program
            DL for Dice and Level Program
            DL for Spells Program
            DL  for AA, TA, CA, and Rezz Program

    Because there files were made in VB, some computers may require another short DL for the programs to work.
    DL for VBRUN60 File

    7. AotMC Elemental Weapons:
           This is a very unique rule for GC's, SiC's, TiC's, and other members of the high council.  This will give all HC members the ability to create magical weapons for their members at the expense of WGP's and the HC's own XP'.  The reason being for this is because these weapons were meant to be for special occasions or special positions and to keep them from being made in mass quantities.  GC's will be limited to making these kinds of weapons once a month, with SiC can make one once every two months, TiC may make one once every three months, and all other members of the high council can make a weapon once every four months.

           To create the weapon in the first place, it will cost 2,000 WGP's and 1,000 XP's.  Then, following this, the weapon will be given dice to match with it's enhancement.  Unlike all other weapons, this enhancement will be rolled separately from the main roll and will be scored based on what is rolled by the dice, not converted to the dice chart.  So if a character has a 1d10 weapon and rolls a 10, then that's ten extra hit points they have taken from a target in addition to their normal attack.  The maximum dice any elemental weapon may have is 2d10.
           For every dice side which is placed on the weapon, the cost will go up by 2,000 WGP's and 1,000 XP's, which means a 1d10 weapon will cost 22,000 WGP's and 11,000 XP's.
           For every die that is placed will double the cost of the weapon after it has been calculated as though it was a 1d weapon.  Thus, a 2d10 weapon will cost 44,000 WGP's and 22,000 XP's.
          The powers which can be placed on these weapons tend to fall into the realm of elementals.  These weapons cannot kill a character, they cannot be used for extra damage on an AA, and characters are limited to using one elemental weapon to each fight, should they have more than one for some reason.  Common elementals to place on a weapon might be, fire, ice, lightening, shadow, lava, mist, steam, acid... and the list goes on.  No weapon may have more than one elemental cast on it.  Also, these weapons may not be given an enchantment by a wizard or be given an enhancement by a blacksmith.  They are to stand on their own. However, those who carry an elemental weapon may have something else enchanted (such as a ring or a wand), as long as it is used separately from the elemental attack. In other words, someone maynot cast a spell (as given by an enchantment) and attack with their elemental weapon.  Besides, this wouldn't work as spells are attacks all their own and have nothing to do with a weapon a character may hold.
           These weapons have to be registered and they are so powerful, that the registration will be placed on the forum roster so no mistake may be made about who holds the enchanted weapon.   The weapon must also be placed in the roster next to the owner which links back to it's place in the forum.  The chart of all elemental weapons is found here, which is also found under the Forum Roster.
           Also, those who fight with elemental weapons will lose their class abilities for that fight.  Rouges will lose back stab, healers will lose healing, mages their magic, and all classes will lose their weapons as given by a blacksmith.  The only way out of this is to use a potion, which adds (for attack potions) or takes away (for armor potions) the dice of a character (either the drinker or the attacker, respectively).  Also, no one will lose their armor, as armor works against the base dice of those carrying an elemental weapon.  Armor does not effect the dice roll of the elemental weapon, just the dice of the character carrying it.
           To register a weapon, the following forum has to be filled out and sent to TheRaptor4.  She will then return a letter along with a date stamp, and a link to it's place on the forum page (which will be different for each weapon).  The date stamp will forever follow the weapon and must be included with the weapon when it is used in matches, placed in the profile, or on the guild roster.
            When weapons are upgraded after their original creation, this new date will be included in the description of the weapon, but it will not replace the date stamp of the weapon.

        Application for making weapons:
    SN of GC:
    Name of guild:
    Total guild WGP's:
    SN of one making weapon:
    Rank of one making weapon:
    XP's and dice of one making weapon:
    SN of one weapon is being given to:
    Type of weapon:
    Type of elemental to be placed on weapon:
    Dice of weapon:
    XP's spend on weapon:
    WGP's spent on weapon: 
    Description of weapon:

        Application for upgrading weapon

    SN of GC:
    Name of guild:
    Date stamp of weapon:
    SN of current owner:
    SN of one upgrading weapon:
    Rank of one upgrading weapon:
    XP's and dice of one upgrading weapon:
    Old dice of weapon:
    New dice of weapon:
    XP's spend on weapon:
    WGP's spent on weapon: 

        Application for changing of ownership
    SN of GC:
    Name of guild:
    SN of previous owner:
    SN of new owner:
    Dice of weapon:
    Date stamp of weapon:

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