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Wizards and Mages
These are the magic wielders.  Each character carries a spell book equipped with magic they've learned throughout their practice. Note: Wizards must be 30th level and approved by TheRaptor4 and Assasin390000000.
Mana System
Spell Casting
Spell Books
Enchanted Item Creation
Elemental Weapons
AotMC Spell Book
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Spells are to be made using the AotMCProg.  Sorry guys, but there is no simple formula for this one. You will have to use the program to create your spells.  ( The download time shouldn't be more then a few seconds. If you have problems, please contact TheRaptor4. )

DL for Spells Program
Or, here is the full version of the AotMC Prog.
DL for AotMC Program
Because this file was made in VB, some computers may require another short DL for the matches program to work.
DL for VBRUN60 File

The spells, once made in the program should have all the information placed into mail and sent to TheRaptor4 and Assasin390000000 for reference. Spells should be given a creative twist instead of just numbers. For example, a plan 4d45 attack spell could be called a fireball spell. Use you imagination. This is role playing after all.  Note: All spells are limited to 4d110. Magic users may create spells between 1d15 and 4d110.  There will be no exceptions.  See below for more on Spell Books.

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Mana System:
You start with 10 mana, and get 1 more for every level you obtain including the first. (ie. a 20th level mage -d40- would have 30 mana. ) Wizards get an extra 10 mana once they become wizards. Mana is to be spent on spells for each battle. The mana cost of each spell is calculated on the AotMC Prog under the spells section.

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Spell Casting:
When spell casting, wizards will first state the action casting and the target(s) they intend to hit.  The magic user then states, OOC, the name of the spell, the target number, and how much mana the spell will cost to cast.  After which, the magic user will roll their AotMC dice. The logic behind this is that characters with 4d will have to spend mana to create spells of higher level than themselves while characters with 2d will have to spend mana to bring the target number down.  The roll from the magic user is scored normally, and if (and only if) the target number is meet or exceeded will the mage cast the spell.  After the spell has been cast, then the magic user must state how much mana they have left.

Here is a simple example of a spell being cast.:

Darion:  ::casts fireball::
Darion:  ((Fire Ball, Target number 3, Mana cost 35 ))
OnlineHost:  Darion rolled 2 58-sided dice:  33 12
Darion:  ((Score - 4  Spell Fire Ball effective))
Darion:  ((Damage roll for spell Fire Ball))
OnlineHost:  Darion rolled 1 70-sided die:  65
Darion: ((mana left 23))

Now this won't work for all spells, but you get the point.

Spell Books:
All mages must create a spell book in order to become an AotMC wizard.  This spell book will hold all the spells that a wizard or mage might ever need.  Spell books should be sent to TheRaptor4 and Assasin390000000 to be verified.  Once they are verified, then the magic user may use any of the spell in his/her book during any match until they run out of mana.  If a magic user changes his/her spell book in any way, then it must be again sent to TheRaptor4 and Assasin390000000 for verification.  All spell books will be kept on record should anyone question the spell book or should you lose do to any reason.

Here is a sample spell book.  This is for starting mages and all the spells cost 40 or less mana.  This spell book is to help magic users get started.  They may change this spell book in any way they like (spell names, descriptions, even mess with the program a little to make other variations of the same spell).  If a magic user changes this spell book in any way or adds their own spells to it, then they must send it to TheRaptor4 and Assasin390000000 for verification.  The spell book that is listed here does not have to be verified with AotMC, it already has been.  It is only if you change it that you have to verify it.

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Enchanted Items:
Enchanted items are items (i.e. ring, pendent, ect) that are enchanted with a spell/s.  Only wizards may create an enchanted item.  Enchanted items may be used by anyone, but they will have limitations.  All classes, save for wizards and mages, cannot use a spell that is worth over 40 mana.  Items are enchanted with spells that the wizard has created.  There are no limitations to how many spells a wizard may put into an enchanted item or how many spells are in this item.  The spell must be in the wizard's spell book before it may be placed in an item and they must have the ability to cast that spell.  The cost of the enchantment will be with XP's of the wizard, not with gold.  The formula for such will be X, the cost of mana the spell is, times 200.  This will then be subtracted from their current XP's and dice will be recalculated as normal.  As wizards can only create enchanted items, the the cost for them is quite high to discourage wizards from making items too powerful.  When a wizard creates an enchanted item, they must fill out the application below and send it to TheRaptor4, Assasin390000000, and their GC for verification.  Wizards may give or sell enchanted items to others, but they must fill out a change of owner application (below).  When an enchanted item is used in combat, it works just like a spell. The wizard must spend their attack turn to cast the spell.  A target number check is then to be made (the wielder of the item rolls their AotMC dice, regardless of the dice of the wizard who created the item or who has used the item in the past).  If, and only if, the target roll passes, then the spell will happen. When a spell is cast that is in an enchanted item, the caster does not lose the mana for it. Once a spell is cast from an enchanted item, it cannot be used again until the match is over.

    Application for item creation
Your screen name:
Your AotMC XP's:
Amount of mana for the spell:
Amount of XP's spent for making the enchanted item:
Spell, as found in the magic user's spell book.
Copy and past the above application and mail it to TheRaptor4, Assasin390000000, and your GC(s).

    Application for changing of ownership
Your screen name:
Spell, as found in the magic user's spell book:
Mana of spell:
New owner's screen name:
Copy and paste the above application and mail it to TheRaptor4, Assasin390000000, and your GC(s).

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Elemental Weapons:
Only members of the HC (high council) in a guild may make these weapons. These will be unique from all weapons which either a blacksmith or a wizard can make. These weapons may not have any other enchantment placed on them, and this includes becoming enhancement by a blacksmith or given a spell by a wizard.  See here, under Unique Rules, for more. However, those who carry an elemental weapon may have something else enchanted (such as a ring or a wand), as long as it is used separately from the elemental attack. In other words, someone maynot cast a spell (as given by an enchantment) and attack with their elemental weapon.  Besides, this wouldn't work as spells are attacks all their own and have nothing to do with a weapon a character may hold.

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