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New and Unique Rules

These are rules and such that are either hard to place or hard to find in AotMC.  This is more of a miscellaneous file than anything and is also a kind of grab bag where some of the best of AotMC's goodies are found.  New things are always being added to this page, so check it often.  If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to e-mail TheRaptor4 about them.

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Table of  Contents
1. War Gold Pieces 2. Elemental Weapons
3. AotMC Program
4. AotMC Enchanted Items
5. AotMC Pets
6. AotMC Non Combat Games

1. War Gold Pieces:
        Throughout the forum rules, WGP's will be mentioned. The term is referring to a monetary amount that the castle has collected over its time in the forum. WGP's may be collected by a number of ways, and are used  to purchases various items for the guild. See here for more on WGP's and what they can buy and how they can be collected.

2. AotMC Elemental Weapons:
       This is a very unique rule for GC's, SiC's, TiC's, and other members of the high council.  See here for more on Elemental Weapons.

3. AotMC Program:
All over the forum web page, small sections of a much larger program can be found.  Well, here is the AotMC program, in full, and each of its sections. ( The download time shouldn't be more then a few seconds. If you have problems, please contact TheRaptor4. )

DL for AotMC Program (Full - Version 4.3)

        DL for Matches Program
        DL for Dice and Level Program
        DL for Spells Program
        DL  for AA, TA, CA, and Rezz Program

Because there files were made in VB, some computers may require another short DL for the programs to work.
DL for VBRUN60 File

4. AotMC Enchanted Items:
Wizards can create items which hold spells.  See here for more.

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5. AotMC Registered Pets:
     Now this idea is not as crazy as it may seem. In AotMC your character may own a pet to help protect them in battle as well as add an interesting twist to the game.

    A. Use of Pets:
Besides the obvious of adding depth to a character, pets can also be used in battle. The pet has dice and  hit points determined by its experience points and what was spent during its creation (see below). These can be used by the owner (and only the owner) in a match. All participants must agree to allow such OOC, save in impromptu fights. The pet will count as a whole other opponent in the match, save the rules regarding hit points and dice. The creature may use its own set of each, but when the HP reaches zero or below the creature is considered dead by AotMC rules, and all XP's given to it are lost. These rules may be altered OOC prior to the match, but the discussion must be given along with the log.

    B. Creation of Pets:
Firstly, all pets have 1d regardless, however, the sides of their dice will be determined by the XP's that the owner gives them from his/her own collection  Meaning s/he must lose all the experience points that their pet gains. For example, Darion wants to make a 1d45 tiger. His experience rating is 80,000. to reach the d45 level, a sum of 1,000 XP's are need. That means Darion must "spend" 1,000 and get knocked down to 79,000 in order for his pet to get 1d45.

Hit points of the pets are 1/3 of the total dice rounded down. Additional XP's may be bought by the owner at an amount of 25 XP's each. These experience points will be lost by the owner, but that one hit point will be gained by the pet. This cost is only for the initial creation of the pet. Later HP's may be bought at a sum of 25 XP's each. Extra XP's and dice may also be given to the pet at any time, but this may only be done by the owner . (see below)

    C. Rule of Ownership:
The person creating the pet must fill out and send in the application below. That person will be the soul owner of the pet. A person may own more then one pet, but may only use one pet at a time per battle. As noted above, the owner is the only one that may spend XP's on any pet at any time. Ownership of the pet may be given away, but an application (below) must be filled out and sent to TheRaptor4. Owners must have the pets dice, experience, and hit points in their profile.

    D. Apps

    Application for pet creation
Your screen name:
Your AotMC XP's:
Amount spent for the pet's dice:
Amount spent for the additional hit points (optional):
Copy and past the above application and mail it to TheRaptor4

    Application for changing of ownership
Your screen name:
Dice of pet:
XP's of pet:
Hit points of pet:
New owner's screen name:
Copy and paste the above application and mail it to TheRaptor4

    Application for additional dice and HP for pet.
Your screen name:
Your AotMC XP's:
Pet's current hit points and dice:
Amount spent for the additional dice:
Amount spent for the additional hit points:
Copy and past the above application and mail it to TheRaptor4

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6. AotMC Non Combat Games:
These following games were submitted by Dark Mystic Castle for the use of all AotMC castles.  These games may be used at any time, especially in tournaments.  For tournaments, games can be modified or even new ones can be made up.  If anyone comes up with an easy to play and well explained game, then they may summit it to TheRaptor4 for approval.  If the game is approved, it may appear on this web page in the future.  Winnings for non combat games are to be decided by the GC prior to the tournament.  As always, do not give an exceptionally high amount of XP or GP for the winning player

    A. Sluggy Races (
From the comic strips of DmC's official comic,, come Sluggy Races.  It's a little outdated, as far as the characters go, but it works.  This is actually a modification of the old turtle or frog races that some people grew up knowing all about.

The Game host first states that they are taking bets. Once all bets are taken, the game host declares "all bets are off" and then rolls 4d30. The highest number of the four dice is the winner of the race. The racers are:

1st die: Bun-Bun... a psychotic mini-lop with a switchblade (ka-klick) that chases after a picture of his pet owner, Torg.

2nd die: Kiki.... a hyper active ferret that chases after a twinkie.

3rd die: Aylee... an alien from outer space that has a particular love of people food.... meaning food made of people. Of course, she chases a person.

4th die: Sam... a vampire with a BIG liking for a woman named Zoe (well all women, but her mostly). Stylin' as always, Sam races with a picture of Zoe being his bait. Sam da man! Sam da man!

    B. Darts
This is a game of skill started by DmC in times of great boredom.  As many as 5 players may play at any one time.  Roll init. to determine the order of players.  All players, one at a time, will go 5 rounds with 1d15 each.

Dice score system:
1-5: 0 <~ Miss
6-9: 1
10-12: 2
13-14: 3
15: 4 <~ Bulls eye

     C. Water Bomb:
All players wishing to play this game first gather in a circle.  A person is designated to start the toss. This person will toss a water balloon to another person, who is then to roll a 1d10.  If it gets 1-8, the person caught the balloon and stays in the game.  They then toss it to the next person, who rolls 1d10.  If it gets 9 or 10, then they don't catch it, and they are out (getting drenched in the process), and a new water balloon is given to the person who last successfully caught the balloon to begin again until only one person is left.

     D. Will o' Wisp catching
Each will o' wisp has 1d30, and the player uses normal forum approved dice. The object is to catch as many will o' wisp as possible. That is done by rolling 6d25 (each die counting as a single will o' wisp). The player then rolls their own forum approved dice. Each of the player's dice that is less then one of the wisp's dice  counts as a catch.  Only one will o' wisp may be caught per die that the player rolls. The object is to catch as many as you can in three rounds.

    E. Skittle and OJ Fight:
This tends to be on of the big contests during a tournament (at least in DmC anyway), mostly because this is a chance to hit everyone you know with skittles and OJ. Now, this is going to work on a hit and win bases. Everyone that is participating is given a bag of skittles and a squirt gun filled with OJ.  The object is to hit as many people as you can before they hit you.  This is done when you walk into a role playing chat room.  You have two chances to hit them, but on the same hand, everyone else has a chance to hit you.  When you fire at someone, you must state their name and what you are hitting them with.  You must enter the chat before you can fire at someone, and you may not do so in the same chat line.  You can only fire with one object, at one person, at one time.  The person that hits the other person first wins, but once you have hit a person with either skittles or OJ, you may not hit them at any point in the game with the same thing.  Also, if they hit you with an item, then you cannot hit them back with the same thing.  Example.  If Mike runs into a role playing chat and fires OJ at Tom, but Tom fires skittles at Mike, and  they both hit one another, then neither of them can use OJ or the skittles to hit each other with.  Oh yes, and most importantly, get a log or a copy of the hit and send it to whomever is running the tournament. The winner is the person who gets the most hits.

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