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AotMC News as of Friday, June 13, 2003:

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        This page is a listing of all changes made in the forum.  It will list as far back as six months based on the relevance of the information.  Only if a rule changes will this page be updated.

New Rules for AA's (5/11/05)

        Slight change to the AA rules.  They are as listed here and the actual change itself is noted as follows:

        Note: When an AA fails, and the targets decide to AA the one that had originally tried to AA them, then the new target, (originally the assassin) gets an extra 1d. This is because they're a bit aware that they're probably going to be attacked.  The expection to this is when AA is failed by a GC, SiC, or TiC which is an assassin.  They may only have their assassin rank (thus counting as a 3d20) for the sake of the returned AA.  They still recive their 1d to their perception check, of course.

New Rules for Healing During Matches (10/25/04)

        The rules for healing during a match have been changed.  Instead of both priests and healers receiving only one heal a match, priests now receive two heals a match while healers have only one heal a match.  See here for more.

New Rules for Defense (8/26/04)

        The rules for defense bonuses where changed.  Instead of subtracting from an opponent's dice, they now subtract from an opponent's score.  See here for more information.

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