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Elemental Weapons
The following is a list of all elemental weapons.  Each one has a tag to it that links up to that weapon and that weapon's description.  Here will be listed only the weapons, the dice they have, the elemental on the weapon, and the description of the weapon.  The list for who has each weapon is found on the Forum Roster.

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06-19-03 Upgraded: 07/07/04
Type: Great Sword (named Avenging Might)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Fire
Description: The great sword of fire, name Avenging Might, a two handed weapon that could deliver a devastating blow of both steel and fire.  Following the rank of the Horseman of War for Dark Mystic Castle, the weapon was designed in respect to this deadly warrior.  The hilt was shaped like a skeleton, grasping a broad sword and laying in a resting position as if dead.  The cross guard was shaped like two lily blooms, their stems crossing each other and then weaving around to finish out the hilt.  The blade was engraved with intricate runes, speaking of the nature of the weapon, the one that held it, and the powers that lay within the blade.  Made of a nearly indestructible metal and folded many times to give it strength and sharpness, the weapon was light, for what it was, allowing it to be used one handed only by the strongest of fighters.  For the rest, they had to carry only the weapon, with no shield.  The weapon could also produce small orbs of fire, five of them, once a day to be controlled by the wielder of the weapon until the fireball crashed into something and consumed whatever was standing before the orb.

Type: Katana (named Vaelasis)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Holy Might
Description: This weapon is a Katana with a 5 foot long blade covered in intricate runes in an odd language which when looked at is known by all to be an unknown language. Yet the words runed upon it are understood completely. They say Vaelasis. Vaelasis was once a powerful Solar who's might was almost unmatchable. A servant under him though caused his downfall. An Archon named Triel who lusted for power, power which Vaelasis nor heaven would grant succumbed to darkness. Soon finding himself in the realm of Baator in a new form. That of a tall dark man with large compound eyes like that of a fly. Baalzebul was born. This greatly angered and Vaelasis. Word came then that Baalzebul grew support and finally became lord of the 7th layer. This now shamed him. He took it upon himself to right the wrong he felt he did. He alone ventured to Baator to destroy Baalzebul. He never returned. It is his soul which inhabits this intelligent weapon. Named after him, the weapon can not even be called a weapon... a new born artifact. It's power is that of the holy might of the Solar Vaelasis himself. Upon striking any the weapon bursts with the holy wrath of Vaelasis which can never be satisfied. That hate burns in his soul for he never accomplished his goal. The true power of this weapon though is unknown. Even to it's creator.

06-26-03 Upgraded: 11/17/03
Type: Scythe (named Cradle of Frost)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Ice
Description: The Scythe, known as The Cradle of Frost, had always cut deep though no blood was ever shed. With the sting of the thick blade it would freeze the offending piece of flesh turning the blood into ice. Crafted for the Horseman of Death within the Dark Mystic Castle. The enlarged ivory tusk of a hollyphant found laying at the shores of the River Styx. Slightly curved and six feet long this bone white handle would be with its yellowing already starting. The butt of the handle would be the narrow end of the tusk sharpened lightly and capped in a steel point of light blue color. The blade was rather short only about sixty-five centimeters what they called a ditch blade. The shortness of the blade was made up by its curve and greater width made for more forceful strikes against, Logs, Roots, or people for that matter. That blade would face away from the natural curve of the ivory tusk. Etched on either side of the blade would be runes of strengthening even though the silvery metal blade was not normal steel. Never would the blade or tusk break short of the creator of the Scythe himself unbind the enchantments, and after all the work he had put into it never would he do such. This weapon was made for the use of both hands there was no way it could be used properly no mater the users size with one hand.

07-29-03 Upgraded 09/02/04
Type: Partisan (named Emaciated Delight)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Lightening
Description: A six foot shaft of Iron wood sculpted and sanded until it was smooth even the gouges of the carving would feel at ease against the wielders palm. Almost like a Trident head though much thicker would be the middle blade with the other two pointing more out than up. That fine steel gleaming in the half light still not removed from where it had been made as of yet. Ancient runes and glyphs etched into the blade so that it would be harder than the back bone of Bahamut himself. That partisan fully formed would be left out on the mountain to wait for the storm to test its strength. Soon enough lightning would strike hitting the head of the weapon and something happened that no one really expected. The wood of the haft would have changed its shape into what looked like a jagged bolt of steel lightning. The tip of the blade still crackling white blue as the lightning would never leave it now.

08-03-03 Upgraded 08/29/04
Type: Heavy Mace (named Widow's Kiss)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Acid
Description: Widow's Kiss was a heavy mace, the whole of it made of steal and the handle wrapped with shark's skin, to give the wielder a tighter grip.  The head of the mace had a damascene pattern of inlaid gold flowing, like ribbons of silk to form a hollow head.  Glints of precious gems could be seen in the golden waves, seeming to fade in and out of existence as the ripple slowly changed. Despite the weapon's beauty, the hollowness of it had it's purpose.  Inside of it was contained a clear, shimmering liquid.  It wasn't until the mace struck that the liquid flowed forward in the direction of the blow, sending a burst of burning acid toward it's victim.

Type: Broad Sword without hilt (named Darkness Falling)
Dice: 2d10
Elemental: Radiance
Description: Minerals rare and bright within the quasi elemental plane of Radiance was the ore mined by the very hands of darkness and shadow. Corruption of the very light about the one though it would not last long within this positive plane. Whisked from the light to the foul pit of the Abyss under cover of shadow and into the home of the Vhenguir. Deep within the hidden halls it was worked. Like day within the clan house it was for a week straight. The hammer beating the metal thrice only to hit the anvil once and go back to the metal. After long hours and sweat drenched clothes even the forges heat unable to dry it all he walked from the halls holding the blade of Radiance. No hilt yet but it would come. Dropping the blade into the scabbard still did it shine though no longer the pure glow of Radiance. Sickly it seemed to be as if always fighting to break lose of the shadow.